Welcome to the Community
Theatre Association of Michigan

CTAM's mission is to help our members grow and flourish,

so live theatre remains a popular
cultural offering in Michigan!

CTAM has tools, education
and contacts to help you evolve,

so that your organization
can find greater success.

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About CTAM

Though the size of our budgets may differ, theatres large and small face many of the same challenges as we work to create art that is meaningful and relevant.  How do we build audiences, retain talent, improve quality and secure funding?  If you face any of these issues, the good news is you’re not alone.  Your Community Theatre Association of Michigan is here to help you find very real, proven answers to these and any other questions you may have.


CTAM Mission Statement

Helping community theatre thrive in Michigan 

CTAM Vision Statement

Achievement of our mission will be best evidenced by the following vision: 

We foster a closer relationship among members.

  • By providing statewide conferences twice a year that include classes, time for networking, and keynote speakers
  • By providing valuable resources and information on our website
  • By publishing a yearly directory of affiliate groups, productions being performed, and statewide resources

We encourage high standards of theatrical productions.

  • By conducting workshops and Master Classes in locations throughout the state
  • By providing trained adjudicators to evaluate affiliate group productions with the goal of improving future productions – one visit per year is paid by CTAM
  • By providing timely new product knowledge and articles about community theatre in our monthly newsletter and through social media

We stimulate interest in theatre in Michigan.

  • By publishing a monthly electronic newsletter
  • By providing a yearly list of community theatre productions being performed throughout the state
  • By facilitating a state AACTFest in the odd years and hosting a regional competition every five years

We provide a means for the exchange of ideas and information about the theatre arts.

  • By providing a broad range of information in our newsletter and on our website
  • By hosting a section of our website with even more information for group affiliates and members that include:
    • A resource roster
    • A bulletin board where members can post needs and items that may be of value for other groups
  • By conducting workshops and conferences and roundtable discussions